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Health Careers In the Home

26 AUG 2013

If you have nursing certification, you might consider providing in home care to a patient who is not able to look after themselves. Elderly home care is a growing industry, because people want to be sure that their family member is able to get the necessary attention in order to live and enjoy themselves. Home care nurses are able to administer medicine, provide injections and even lead a patient in physical exercise. The fact that you are looking after the care of someone that can’t look after themselves makes it crucially important that you receive the education necessary to provide them with medical care if necessary. This means that you should have current and valid first aid and CPR training that will help you look after them should an emergency situation present itself.

Another potential career field revolves around the mentally ill. This is a growing field as well, because a lot of mental facilities are overfilled with patients that they cannot provide proper care for. For this reason, many municipalities have started issuing sizable grants for people who start their own mental health care facilities. For instance, a person who owned rental properties could seek licensing, home inspection training and accreditation necessary and use grant money to turn their property into one that offers housing to people with mental disabilities. This is a win-win situation, because the person suffering from the mental disability will have a place to live and receive care since they cannot care for themselves, while the property owner sees a maximum return on their investment. This makes perfect sense if you happen to have experience in the field of psychology or nursing, as your services will be greatly needed in this type of home. Additionally, you can receive home inspection training to further your credentials.

If your area of expertise is not in health care itself, you can still seek health training careers in the home that don’t involve health care. For instance, if you come from a secretarial, accounting or administrative background, there is much work to be done in the medical field. A lot of hospitals have begun outsourcing this type of work in order to save money. Plenty of medical providers started going this route for that very reason, especially in light of an economic downturn, which forced businesses to find new and less expensive solutions for performing the same work. They will set you up with the necessary healthcare training and software, while allowing you to keep a specific schedule at home, rather than having to show up to the hospital every day to perform the same work.

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