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Healing Hotels: Purpose-Driven Holistic Holidays

30 DEC 2013

This week, the CTC blog reviews three holistic healing hotels and discusses the popularity of healthy vacations.  Busy lives result in a build up of stress that cannot be dissipated by a typical package getaway. Tourists in search of rejuvenation are looking for tailored programs that focus on cleansing the body, mind and spirit. According to the blog post, Healing Hotels:  Purpose-Driven Holistic Holidays,

A growing trend in travel and tourism sees vacationers searching out more than just a typical resort or luxury hotel package. As the break-neck pace of daily life continues to build up speed and rev up stress levels, tourists need more than a week of sun and surf to recharge. They need a place in which to heal both their bodies and their spirits. And that is precisely what Dr. Elisabeth Ixmeier had in mind when she founded Healing Hotels of the World, a collection of international destinations that promote health and well-being in beautiful, luxurious settings.

The blog profiles three different healing hotels in Canada, India and New Zealand, each with their own approach to spiritual and physical rejuvenation. Rather than seeking to escape reality, guests face their sources of tension and frustration and learn new methods of relaxation. Trained staff is at their disposal, ready to instruct and guide the visitors in the art of well-being, using everything from ancient arts to the latest technology.