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The Guarini Institute for Public Affairs

24 FEB 2014

Knowledge of the global community is becoming more and more essential in education, as the world is becoming smaller by the day and we need to be aware of so much more at any given time than we did 30 years ago. John Cabot University has been helping to foster cultural awareness, connect the global community and teach the value of international collaboration for decades now, with its popular study abroad program in Rome, Italy. However, they’ve also been fighting the good fight with their world renowned Guarini Institute for Public Affairs, which is responsible for groundbreaking lectures and seminars on topics from global food production and distribution to discussing the “Politics of Exclusion in the Arab Gulf.” This blog post by John Cabot University explains why the institute was founded, as well as discussing some of its great past events and what current and prospective students can look forward to in the future.

“The institute is well known for its controversial and boundary pushing lecturers and seminars, and it maintains an ideal of challenging beliefs and fostering important discussions. Some of the past events that the Guarini Institute for Public Affairs has put on include:

The Politics of Exclusion in the Arab Gulf: Women, Stateless Persons and Migrants, a lecture by Farah Al-Nakib, who is a visiting professor from the American University of Kuwait. The lecture focused on her ongoing research into the history of Kuwait City and touched on other historians’ findings about several other Gulf states.”