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The Growing Career Field of Damage Insurance

10 MAR 2014

These days, people are putting an increasing amount of value on the possessions that they own. Not just large, important items like vehicles or property, but everything from computers to musical instruments has not only a large monetary value, but a very personal value as well. That’s why people are scrambling to get the best insurance coverage they can for their personal belongings, ensuring that if anything did happen to their precious four bedroom house in the country, they would be adequately compensated for the loss. This rise in the need to protect all of our belongings coupled with the rising median age of people working in the insurance business means that there are ample opportunities for careers in the damage insurance business. Because most of the people working as damage insurance adjustors or salesman are retiring within the next few years, the job opportunities are growing immensely. Just check out this blog by Herzing College about damage insurance careers to see just how lucrative the opportunities are!

“Because of the rise in popularity of people insuring their private belongings and their various holdings, there has been a sharp rise in demand for skilled and qualified individuals to work in the damage insurance field – everything from insurance adjustors to insurance brokers.

It’s also the fact that a majority of the people who have been working in the field of damage insurance are retiring or quickly approaching the retirement age. Because the median age for people in the insurance industry tends to be well over fifty, the amount of people who will retire in the next decade means that the job opportunities in the world of damage insurance are going to soar.”