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Career Path: ground support equipment

Used Airline Equipment Movie Trivia

13 JUL 2012 | CAREER PATH: ground support equipment
Film and aviation buffs delight in their trivia, and when the passions overlap, the potential for fun multiplies exponentially. Here are just some of the categories that aviation-in-film “nerds” might propose for a quiz game.   1. Used airline equipment or replica?   Some films arrange... Read More >>

Used Airline Equipment Enjoys “Second” and Even “Third Life” in the Movies

13 JUL 2012 | CAREER PATH: ground support equipment
So many movie scenes take place at the airport. After all, the tarmac is a place of transition, a place of goodbyes, a place of change – all good dramatic fodder. But have you ever wondered how film studios manage to make these scenes? Where do they get the aircraft and ground support equipment in... Read More >>