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Three Great Opportunities for Law Clerk College Graduates

11 APR 2014
Career Path : Law

A law clerk may engage in a variety of formal and informal tasks to facilitate the process of preparing legal decisions. The clerical work may involve a range of interrelated tasks, including transcribing, bookkeeping, legal research and tabulating. In general, the law clerk assists the judge with organizing caseloads of documents.

This includes preparing dispositions and providing clerical assistance to help the judge transform decisions into formal written documents. Job positions for law clerks are available in different levels of the court system.

They may be selected for specific one or two-year term contracts or may be hired to provide ongoing part-time or full-time assistance to judges. Here are three great job opportunities for aspiring law clerks that involve either working for a judge or working in the legal department of a company or firm.

Litigation Law Clerk

If you have graduated from a law clerk program, you have received the required educational experience to qualify for this position. Additional one to three years or three to five years of work experience may be required for some positions, depending on the extent of the litigation law clerk’s duties.

If this is your desired work position, consider acquiring at least one year of hands-on work experience, providing some level of support to the litigation process. Although you qualify for this position with your degree, it is helpful to always search for ways to add additional experience to your resume.

You may try applying for internships, summer jobs and part-time jobs that allow you to work in the litigation area. Also, become familiar with various document management software programs. Your job will entail overseeing electronic databases of trial hearings, arbitration and discovery information.

Real Estate Law Clerk

A real estate law clerk provides administrative assistance with the process of real estate transactions. As a real estate law clerk, you may be responsible for conducting research, registering real estate documents and evaluating title searches. You will be responsible for drafting legal documents related to property acquisitions and organizing these documents in files.

In addition to being a graduate of a law clerk program, make sure that you have grasped thorough knowledge of real estate laws and correspondence relating to real estate transactions. Work experience in the real estate field is also a plus for a graduate who plans to work as a real estate law clerk.

Corporate Law Clerk

Law clerk colleges prepare students to work in different areas of the legal industry. Working for a judge is one facet of a law clerk career. But, many law clerks also work for corporations. A corporate law clerk handles a wide range of clerical and paralegal tasks for a corporate law department.

The law clerk manages documents relating to acquisitions and corporate subsidiaries, licensing and registration of required corporate paperwork and other corporate transactions. A law clerk is a lucrative career with competitive average salary rates. A law clerk program provides the initial foundation for an aspiring law clerk to enter the industry build a promising career.

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