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The Value of Great Customer Service

18 MAR 2013
Career Path : Administration

Customer service does not add an obvious positive number to a company’s balance sheet. Nonetheless, competitive pressures are making this an increasingly sound investment. It’s no wonder that there are now many specialized programs and schools offering this type of business training.


Customer service is about making sure that clients and potential clients have a positive social experience with the company. It is a component of sales and marketing, but also in client support. That is the training experience to use a product or service, and the technical support and repairs or compensation available over the service product’s lifespan. Things available by subscription, such as a newspaper or a phone service have an extra impetus to focus on this aspect of their business, as does companies that make a very expensive product. Good customer service is also crucial if there is a desire to secure repeat business.


Great client relations also include little personalizing touches, extras and perks. This might be a rewards or loyalty program, or it might be something as basic as gift wrap or a free gift.  Sales teams are trained to give out “upgrades” where possible. They also learn to greet customers entering a place of business, and scale their language according to the demographic. A friendly “Hi there!” is sometimes better than a “Hello, good evening,” depending on the nature of the call. As a customer service professional, you will learn to adjust your tone and approach to accommodate the client on the receiving end.


Because of this, any business college is going to emphasize the importance of good customer service. And yet, it involves much more than relations with each individual consumer. Even between companies, as they buy goods and services from each other, they too are more likely to give business to companies where they have a positive experience. Sometimes assuring this is simply making sure the employees are well trained at their job, for example that the receptionist has a quality business administration diploma and can do his or her job quickly, but this is one of the reason that the sales department budgets in everything from restaurant meals to prestigious sporting event tickets.


A common topic that is discussed during customer service training in Toronto is the rising trend of outsourcing. For various reasons customers tend to prefer their customer support close to home. That’s not to say that the quality of outsourced service is necessarily bad, but local customer service can offer a level of personable-ness that would otherwise be available.



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