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Great Concept Cars That Never Materialized

24 MAR 2014

Concept cars are a staple of auto shows around the world. While these cars generate lots of news and buzz, the truth is that they rarely become production vehicles. In fact, they sometimes were never intended to become one. A concept car is exactly what the name implies: a car designed to demonstrate a concept. They serve many purposes. Concept cars can be used to test the feasibility of new technologies. They provide a useful gauge of public interest in new automotive features. They generate publicity for the automaker when they appear at auto shows or in magazine photographs. And they allow automotive designers free reign to explore out-of-the-box ideas that could either revolutionize the automobile industry or disappear into the dustbin of automotive history. For more information on this, including some great concept cars that never materialized, check out this blog by the Automotive Training Centre.

“Quite possibly one of the most beautiful concept cars to ever be shown public, the Mazda Furai was sadly never intended for production, or at least not for street driving. The Furai debuted at the 2008 North American International Auto Show in Detroit and marked the final concept in Mazda’s fluid Nagare line. The car’s name, which means “sound of the wind”, was very fitting. The Furai was powered by an all-new engine that could produce over 400 hp, and in many ways looked incredibly slick and futuristic, like a modern-day Batmobile come to life.”