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Become a Great Car Salesperson

12 MAR 2013
Career Path : Automotive

At one time the auto sales industry was tainted by the stereotype of fast talking, sleazy salesmen in obnoxious polyester plaid, a perception that is changing along with the rest of the industry. While there definitely still remain aggressive and manipulative agents, the successful car salesperson of today is aware of the prevalence of third-party information on the internet assisting buyer’s market knowledge and is prepared to interact with many types of people. It is a job with long hours and a highly competitive environment, not just among rival dealerships but also colleagues equally hungry for success and that valuable commission. The rewards are obvious – even without a sales background auto salespeople can make up to $70,000 in their first year alone. If you work hard, like cars, have great people skills and can thrive in an atmosphere of intense competition, a career in auto sales might be right for you.

Know the Product

To help buyers find what’s right for them you will need to learn all you can about the product. Become an expert by studying vehicle structure and functionality, knowing the differences between all the models in the showroom, and staying abreast of industry news. There can be significant down-time between customers that can be made productive by furthering your independent education.

Modern Auto Buyers

To begin with, the modern car salesman isn’t necessarily a man – there are plenty of women earning sizable incomes selling cars. One factor that has transformed the traditional manipulative sales tactics is the increasing sophistication of consumers. The internet has taken the mystery away from automobile pricing and many buyers come in with a good idea of what they are looking for. The first impression is key – greet the customer with confidence that you are a knowledgeable professional. Each buyer requires a unique strategy and successful salespeople have an ability to build rapport, carefully observing body language for personality clues with the goal of putting the customer at ease. Many buyers approach dealerships with significant trepidation, afraid of making a mistake with this huge purchase, so a salesman will get them talking about hobbies, anything to get their minds off money and the deal. Stay optimistic even in the face of rejection and keep the priorities of the customer in mind. It’s not unusual for veteran salespeople to fall into the trap of believing they can pick out the buyer just by looking at them and the car they arrived in. Many people come to the dealership not wanting to look like a buyer so they can take their time and avoid being hassled.

Entering the Industry

The lucrative opportunities in auto sales may attract people from other industries, such as dispatch schools. Keep in mind that managers use all parts of the hiring process as a test of your abilities. Exercise perseverance and call regarding your application status. It isn’t uncommon for managers to keep applicants waiting to see if they are impatient enough to inquire – a desirable trait. Ask questions, even if told you aren’t suitable for the position as this is another classic objection handling test. Training in a reputable auto sales college will provide the best chances of success. Good luck!


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