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Great Apps and Programs for Administrative Assistants

18 FEB 2014
Career Path : Administration

Long gone are the days of tapping out business correspondence on an ancient typewriter, one key at a time. Technology has helped make the jobs of Canadian administrative assistants so much easier. These ten software programs and applications make almost every aspect of an administrative assistant’s job a simpler task to tackle. From email to database programs, using these programs can take a lot of the burden off the job.

1) Social Networking

These programs are the work place’s version of popular social media sites. These social networking sites allows administrative assistants to post non-confidential information to other employees, either on behalf of their bosses or on their own.

2) Free Email Programs

Many administrative assistants use free email accounts to draft emails for their bosses. Doing this allows them to craft the perfect company message before sending out emails on behalf of their employer.

3) Image Capture Software

As an administrative assistant, you may have needed to print out a webpage. But with those annoying frames that come with a printed webpage, this can be difficult. Image capturing software allows administrative assistants to make files out of screenshots from their computer. In this software, images from different websites can also be combined in one file.

4) Travel Planning Programs

Administrative assistants have to make travel plans for their bosses all the time. While there are many of these sites online, a few stand out from the rest. There are a few of these websites that let you view your boss’ schedule and different flight options in one window.

5) Document Management Systems

Administrative assistants can now use document management systems that allow them to make cross-systems databases. Databases comprise a large part of the curriculum at administrative assistant schools all over Canada, so learning how to customize them for your boss’ needs and preferences are critical early on in the education process.

6) Catering Websites

Many Canadian catering businesses let administrative assistants all over the country place online orders. Administrative assistants should order from one business that can keep track of their company’s purchasing history.

7) Internet Database Repositories

This type of software lets companies share data with their employees. Different types of documents can be attained by employees who have appropriate access credentials. When administrative assistants upload documents into this software, they no longer need to send large attachments to their bosses and the rest of the company.

8) Mobile Phone Personal Assistants

Administrative assistants use them to dictate emails and meeting notes for themselves and their bosses.

9) Online Calendar

Many assistants use them to coordinate their boss’ schedule. Many of these programs allow users to color-coordinate different types of events.

10) Scheduling Software

Many of these free websites and software programs allow administrative assistants to schedule meeting times for their employers and other outside personnel.

Every single day, there is a new program or app that changes the way administrative assistants in Canada and around the world perform their duties. Keeping abreast of these changes is the best way to keep your employer running as efficiently as possible.

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