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Great Alternative Sightseeing Options in Rome

21 JAN 2014

If you’re studying abroad in Rome, chances are that within the first week you covered all the classic sightseeing options. Thankfully, Rome is a sprawling city with many hidden gems that you might not have known about.

So you’ve taken the plunge and decided to head to Rome to soak up some culture, live as the Romans do, and do some studying. Chances are that within the first week you’re there, you’re already tired of the Coliseum and the Spanish Steps and all of the other common places you that people keep telling you that you absolutely must see. Thankfully, Rome is a very large, very ancient and very beautiful city with a lot of tricks up its sleeves. Here are some of the more alternative sights to see while you’re living it up in Rome.

The Giant Hot Air Balloon

Yes, you read that correctly. While the beautiful gardens of the Villa Borghese may be on your list of “been there, done that,” by now, did you know that they also house one of the world’s largest hot air balloons? It can hold up to 30 people and is truly a sight to behold.

The Authentic Pizza at Trattoria Remo

Love pizza? Well you’ve never had anything like the mouthwatering, truly Italian pizza at the historic restaurant Remo. Often heralded as the best authentic Italian pizza in the city, it explains the very long lines that often form outside the establishment. So head down, take a snack, strike up a conversation with your fellow linemates, and wait for some of the best pizza you’ll ever have.

The Contemporary Art Museum of Rome

While it’s commonplace to check out all of the classic Italian artists when you’re studying abroad in Rome, perhaps you should make some time for the newcomers as well. Rome’s contemporary art museum, or MACRO, is home to some of the more stunning works of art this side of the 1960s.

The Museum of the Souls of Purgatory

Yep, it’s just as creepy and awesome as it sounds. In the Chiesa del Sacro Cuore del Suffragio – a Gothic church close to Piazza Cavour there is a tiny room next to the church which houses trinkets and photos that supposedly show messages made by the souls in Purgatory. Spooky!

Take a Bike Ride

Arguably the best way to see the city, careening around the lovely cobblestone paths on a bike is a great way to cover a lot of ground and get familiar with different parts of the city. You can rent one for a very reasonable price in Villa Borghese.

Have a Limoncello

I know what you’re thinking: that’s not a sight to see! While that may be true, there’s nothing like a properly made, authentically Italian limoncello – the wonderfully tart and refreshing Italian liqueur made from lemons.

So after all that bike riding and sight-seeing, find a lovely terrace and a nice cold glass of limoncello and pat yourself on the back for discovering some of the best of what Rome has to offer.

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