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Graphic Design Course to Boost Your IT Credentials

21 NOV 2012
Career Path : Computers and Technology

After IT technician training, you hope to land a job as the IT manager in a large organization. You know computers inside and out, but do you know design? When you are asked to weigh in on the best content management system for your employer’s new website, will you be able to think about the site from the users’ perspective? What, for example, is the optimal display time for each image in a dynamic display block? Where should you link to your organizations’ Facebook and Twitter feeds? What kind of fonts can keep your visitors reading for longer? These may not be questions that IT schools teach their students to answer, but they are questions that may come your way after graduation. As such, you may be well advised to enroll in a graphic design course as a complement to your core studies. It’s just one of the many ways that you can give yourself a bit of an edge on the job market.


Communicate better with your future colleagues

At many companies, the design team and the IT team frequently find themselves working hand in hand to achieve the best possible online presence for their organizations. Graduates of IT technician training who can speak the language of graphic design may find it easier to cooperate with their counterparts on the design team.


Takeaway: A graphic design course can facilitate relationships with your future colleagues. The more you understand their concerns, the better you will be able to communicate your own.


Communicate better with the visitors to your organization’s website

As an IT specialist, you may be brought into consultations concerning website design. Your colleagues may turn to you for advice on structuring content. What are the menu options, etc.? Your answers will be more reliable if they can incorporate a design perspective.


Takeaway: The more knowledgeable graduates of IT technician training are about design, the more credibility they will have with their colleagues when it comes to structuring web content. A graphic design course or two may be just the thing.


Market yourself

As graduates of IT schools progress through their careers, it may be worthwhile to maintain a web presence of their own, in the form of a personal website, listing their accomplishments. This way, if the time comes to switch organizations, IT specialists can simply refer to their up-to-date, standing CV.


Takeaway: The more graduates of IT technician training know about graphic design, the less they will have to rely on others to help them promote themselves to potential clients and employers.

Many IT schools also offer a graphic design course or program. So it may be easier than you think to develop your creative side. Your future employers will benefit from a well-rounded employee.


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