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Whither Now O Graduate of Early Childhood College?

2 APR 2012
Career Path : Childcare

You were the first person in your grade six class to sign up for babysitting training. All the neighbourhood mothers had you on speed dial. You just love caring for children, and always knew that you would study it in school. And now graduation is fast approaching, and you must look for work as an early childhood assistant. Here are some jobs to consider.

Home daycare

Many parents of very young children prefer to put their children in the care of someone who works out of a private home. The groups tend to be smaller – a possible advantage for an age group that is sometimes more prone than others to rashes and sniffles. Some graduates of early childhood college launch their own home daycares; others seek employment in existing facilities.

Daycare centre

After the toddler years, some parents prefer to switch their children to larger, more institutional daycare centres, which might be compared to a pre-school or nursery school. You may have even have had an opportunity at early childhood college to pursue an internship in such a facility. The advantage of this kind of workplace, especially for a newly minted early childhood assistant, is that:

  • it is easier for an early childhood assistant to take holidays or time off for illness
  • it is possible to learn on the job from more experienced early childhood assistant colleagues
  • the hours can be more forgiving (e.g., eight-hour versus ten-hour days)


Perhaps you don’t see yourself in a group setting at all. Your training at early childhood college also equips you to work as a nanny in a private home.

This may appeal to an early childhood assistant who:

  • prefers to feel like their own boss
  • likes to spend time alone

One disadvantage of this type of employment is that it often lacks job security. An early childhood assistant who works as a nanny in a private home may find that they need to change employers on a yearly basis, as children grow and the families make different childcare decisions.

Parenting coach

In today’s rapidly changing world, there is a new demand for professional parenting advice. Many parents rely on the early childhood assistant team at their daycare centre for informal advice. Some graduates of early childhood college may also prefer to take this service to the next level, by offering consultations to help families in crisis address discipline and other issues in the home.

Early childhood education writer

Some graduates of early childhood college may go on to offer advice to the public at large via a column on toddler and pre-schooler behaviour in a local paper or website.

Above all, congratulations on realizing your dream and good luck choosing a career as an early childhood assistant.