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What Goes Into Good Web Design?

19 JUL 2013
Career Path : Computers and Technology

Good web design is one part visual and one part functional. A website must be able to do its job, which is generally to provide information to an audience, provide a web based tool or community, or provide the cosmetic dressing for a web based service. However, a web designer must also consider other things in their work including what sort of content management system is in place for providing updates, and how accessible a website is.

Modern web design and computer courses, must address, among many things, browser compatibility and the growth of mobile phones and tablets and a means for interacting with the web. This can mean pages that need to scale well on every screen. It also means keeping a website as accessible as possible, to reach every web browser currently in common circulation. Although web standards have synchronized a bit better than they have in the past, certain things, like the adoption and use of java is nor universal. This can even mean creating multiple versions of the same page to make sure it is more universally accessible. There may even be a need for multi-language pages including in languages with non-roman letter based character sets or a version of the website for right to left readers.

Another trend in web design courses is the intentional inclusion of disabilities friendly web design, for example, sites that have impaired vision and processing disorder friendly colour contrasts. Websites must also be put together in a way that facilitates easy use, with a lot of effort put to information placement, balancing goals that make money for the website and other reasons a person might visit a site. For example the site owner might want visitors to be directed to where the customers would fill out a survey, while the average user might visit for new information about a book they like. Good design takes the considerations of both groups into account. Some websites may even have many different classes of viewers, and pleasing them all is a true test of the skill of a web designer.

Web design courses also stress not making artistic impulses break the usability of the page, while encouraging a bit of creative flair. Attractive images and buttons are excellent, while over use of certain graphical elements can have the reverse effect. Web design and computer courses also have an additional challenge on top of all this- they must train designers to scale their product according to client budgets.

It’s no surprise that with all these considerations, web designers are increasingly turning to formal education to get them up to the quality they need. This can include not just a background in classes of a diploma in the subject, but lifelong learning and an ever increasing range of certifications.

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