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Good Dental Health: Benefits Beyond Your Teeth and Gums

16 JAN 2014
Career Path : Dental Care

This week, the CADH blog discusses the holistic benefits of good oral health. The post, Good Dental Health: Benefits Beyond Your Teeth and Gums details the various ways an unhealthy mouth can impact how the rest of our body functions, and how we interact with other members of society. Unfortunately, we have all experienced stress related to dental visits, and the blog post reminds us that

From a young age, many of us learn to fear the dentist. As adults, we avoid making appointments and often find compelling reasons to postpone or miss our cleanings. Surely, in order to become a dental hygienist, one must study methods of soothing anxiety-ridden patients who have put off their appointment for far too long. Unfortunately, dental neglect impacts our overall health – indeed, our quality of life – in several substantial ways. From the emotional distress of a disfigured smile to the very real connections between compromised oral care and heart problems, insidious infection, and oropharyngeal cancer.

Because serious dental problems often develop and worsen over time, it is easy to put off scheduling a check-up until pain is keeping us awake at night – and most dentists will tell you that by then, it is too late to practice prevention. As the blog post explains, there are dangerous consequences to ignoring our teeth and gums. Throat and mouth cancers have been linked to poor oral health, and harmful bacteria that form in the mouth can enter the body’s bloodstream, causing blood clots and stroke. It seems far safer to face our fear of the “chair” and get that regular check-up.