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Gilead Releases Breakthrough Treatment for Hepatitis C

18 DEC 2013

This week, the Academy of Applied Pharmaceuticals blog looks at new treatment for Hepatitis C.  The blog post, Gilead Releases Breakthrough Treatment for Hepatitis C reveals how the new drug, Solvadi is bringing hope to an increasingly prevalent problem. Hepatitis C is a growing global concern – and many patients have no idea they’ve been infected. The blog post explains that,

According to the Canadian Liver Foundation, there are approximately 170 million people worldwide who suffer from hepatitis C – and 300,000 of them live in Canada.  Known as the “silent killer,” the disease often infects its victims and spreads without their knowledge. Contracted through blood-to-blood contact, hepatitis C attacks the liver and if the body is not strong enough to recover on its own, the organ can become severely damaged before treatment is sought.  In addition to fatigue, loss of appetite and jaundice, advanced cases of Hep C can lead to cirrhosis, liver failure, and even cancer later in life.

Since sufferers often go undiagnosed, their infection is permitted time to grow before medical intervention is initiated. Once identified, hepatitis C is treated by injections of interferon, a drug with well-known undesirable side effects. For years, pharma companies have been searching for alternatives to interferon, but only Gilead has managed to launch an oral option, Solvadi, that saves patients from unpleasant injections and the accompanying symptoms. Perhaps now fewer patients will shy away from early detection and prompt treatment.