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23 AUG 2013
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The Liberal Arts section of the GED requires skills in Reading/Writing comprehension. Test takers must thoroughly understand usage of grammar, punctuation, and spelling. You must be able to form complete sentences that can later develop into complete thoughts expressed in paragraphs- and eventually essays. It is expected that students receive an overall score of 2250 to pass. There are five (5) sections requiring a score of at least 450 per section. These sections count for a percentage of your overall score.

¨      Organization 15%

¨      Sentence Structure 30%

¨      Usage 30%

The combination of basic English (Liberal Arts reading/writing) Mathematics, Sciences, and History shape and drive the human race. We simply break them down into sections for learning purposes. Why do you think these subjects are at the core of all educational institutions? As a result, this basic level of knowledge, must be obtained before one is eligible for higher education.

The Science section of the GED exam will be about 50 multiple- choice questions. Basic Biology, Life, Earth, and Physical Sciences will be at the core of your questioning. We advance in our relationship with our planet by carefully studying everything about it. There is a connection within all scientific studies. Humanity and Earth have depended on each other for survival since the beginning of time.

Science overall is about a series of questions and experiments to reach conclusions. These conclusions will later be determined as facts or fiction. Science turns theories into documented history as mankind grows and develops. Since the new millennium, technology has excelled to heights seen never before!- All because of scientific developments (also mathematics).

Social Studies section of the GED exam. Historical facts and dates!  Our advice: memorize a period in history from every era. (The Great Depression, PanAm Flight 103, Pearl Harbor, The Civil Rights Movement, or even the 9/11 attacks in NYC). World history is US History as far as America is concerned. The United States constantly enters into treaties of all kinds to resolve third world issues and debts. Economical Structure is also important to our survival. Equal distribution of the world’s natural and manufactured resources is crucial to human co-existence.

Research political cartoons in your city newspaper. Often our government officials are labeled with certain personalities based on their political standing (democrat, republican, or conservative). It is important that you recognize the difference between national stereotypes and actual views of these officials. How else will we elect the persons we believe in the most?

The Mathematics portion of the GED exam is also multiple choice. Be smart.. Focus on 25 possible right answers instead of 50 random guesses. Knowing the basic parts of math (add, subtract, multiply, divide) you will pass. All formulas and tables for solving math problems will be available on our home site. Fractions, Variables, Decimals, Graphs, Probability;  all require basic math skills.

While preparing for the exam, remember:

¨      Don’t just read.. understand. This means not just memorize the material but understand it.

¨      Practice the correct way to use words in sentences.

¨      Develop a vocabulary by reading everything you see (magazines, internet, newspapers, etc.)

¨      Make sure you are familiar with a travel map.

¨      Basic Economics Understanding

¨      Learn Math & Science Tables

¨      It’s Never too Late!!!