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The Future of Project Management

3 OCT 2014
Career Path : Administration

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Change never stops in project management, where unrelenting progress pushes traditional options toward constantly higher standards, increasing company oversight as managers acquire better control mechanisms. The future for project managers promises many opportunities for boosting productivity.

Cloud Computing

A big trend for project managers will be cloud computing, an innovation that will change internal communications, bill processing, and time and attendance records. With more ways to handle data, cloud computing capabilities will be popular with project managers everywhere. Team oversight improvements from new programs will enhance visibility of how well each team member performs assigned tasks.

Team Cohesion

A number of teams may combine to meet a single goal and then disband. Future project management, however, may distribute objectives for ongoing collaboration among standing teams. Expanding communication and connectivity will help collaborators stay together, interact more easily, and encourage cross-talk among project managers. Instead of conference calls or group meetings, remote engagement may promote team control.

Increasing Collaboration

Collaboration is a common theme among the top trends in project management. As projects grow in complexity, project management will need collaboration as never before. Training on the job, custom project approaches, innovative devices, and smarter resource allocation will be essential for best results. Not only project management but also project success has changed to involve more than the traditional metrics of time, cost, and scope. While still important, they are no longer the sole criteria for project success. Risk, quality, and the value the project brings to the organization are now additional considerations, and a new, subjective definition of success is that the project may exceed time, cost, or scope estimates so long as the customer or client finds it successful by whatever measure.

Collaborative Software

Software like SharePoint will proliferate in management of increasingly complex projects as tightened budgets demand efficient communication and constant workflow. Workers who can create, share, and transfer project artifacts with web-based access for distribution, version control, and user authentication will enhance productivity.

Human Capital

Program management human resources remain in short supply. An online MBA in project management will be an asset of appreciating value. Increasingly, large corporate and government projects will demand highly advanced skills for successful execution, so convenient, inexpensive study online MBA will be a widespread pursuit for project managers.

Although unemployment is at record high levels in many areas, good project managers who perform flawlessly are scarce and still much in demand. The need for project management basics, particularly risk management, will continue wherever attrition rates are high and continual new staff training is critical.

Business Process Management

Financial services, especially insurance, will focus on making their processes as efficient as possible to restrain operating costs. The business process management philosophy often will determine project selection. The more a proposed project reduces internal costs, the more likely will be its selection. With a high premium on projects with efficient processes, project managers will need familiarity with the business process management concept.

Internal Credentialing

With nearly a half-million project management professional (PMP) titles worldwide, in most places this credential remains the most popular and prominent, but not everywhere. In some government agencies and private corporations, internal professional credentials have and will become more useful and rewarding.

The Business Effectiveness Gauge

To measure their business effectiveness, project managers will need to determine whether their work has a quantifiably positive effect on the business in reducing numbers of troubled projects, lowering management attrition, and accelerating time to market. Future outputs, not inputs, of project management will gain in significance.