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Funding your Degree in Rome

28 NOV 2013

I always thought studying in Italy would be out of my budget but this blog post shows it might not be out of my reach. There are many financial aid options offered by John Cabot University such as study abroad scholarships to fund your degree in Rome. It is true that you still have to have good academic standing with the school to be eligible for the majority of funding but I found the number of employment opportunities quite enlightening. It would be fun to work in Rome and see how different the working environment is over there, plus like this article suggests, employers value this type of international experience when they see it on your resume. It is great that a university would be so committed to offering accessible education by providing all these fantastic resources, no matter what your socioeconomic background is.

The Financial Aid Work Study program compensates in advance of work completed, limiting students to 10 or 20 hours weekly over 15 weeks. It is not available during the summer session or for visiting students. The work-study placement committee selects students based on financial need, GPA and the ability to simultaneously manage work and academics.

Students may also be employed as student assistants, working up to 20 hours per week on available assigned work… Working in a different country is an eye-opening cultural experience in itself, providing valuable insights into diverse methods of doing business and challenging with international communication. Employers worldwide view international experience as a demonstration of adaptation and leadership skills.”