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Fun ways to Celebrate Father’s Day

13 JUN 2014

Being a father is an important and difficult responsibility. Every year, sons and daughters around the world take one day to show their appreciation for their fathers’ love and care. Showing you’re thankful, however, doesn’t have to cost you a lot. Father’s Day is actually much more about the gesture than the actual gift. There are many fun ways to celebrate Father’s Day but as long as you put your heart into your gift, your father will surely appreciate it.

Here are a few fun ideas for Father’s Day celebrations.

Make a video

You probably have old family photos lying around, or maybe even some old family video footage. Gather as much material as you can, then try to put it together to create a little storyline using software like iMovie for Mac, or Windows Movie Maker for PC. If you’re having a hard time getting a hang of the software, you can read education articles online that will show you the basics. Feel free to add text to express how you feel about your father, or even narration if you have a microphone that you can use to record yourself. Your video could be funny, sentimental or in the style of a documentary. Regardless of the style you choose, use the video to create a tribute to your father and the moments you’ve shared together. When you’re ready, you can have a movie premiere with your family, or simply show it to your dad in private.

Have a conversation

Though it might not sound like much of a gift, you would be amazed at how much taking the time to have a real, in-depth conversation with your father can improve your relationship with him. Ask him for stories from his youth, when he met your mom, or even how he views his generation compared to yours. Though he’ll be happy to hear about your school news, make sure to put the focus on him and be attentive to the stories he shares. You can gain some unexpected wisdom from these stories as well as a new perspective on your dad.

Make your dad happy

Depending on his preferences, take the time to make your dad happy. Give him tickets to a sporting event and then go with him to it, or make arrangements to take him fishing. Play golf together. Prepare a barbecue for the family and tell your father that you’re in charge and that he can relax and enjoy the sun. Buy him a book and then give him the best gift of all, free time, by taking care of some of his tasks or duties for him so that he can have a day or an afternoon to himself. Simply put, take the time to put together an activity that you’ll know will make him happy.

Tell him you love him

Regardless of how you choose to make your dad feel special on Father’s day, make sure to tell him that you love him and appreciate all the efforts he makes for you and your family. And don’t forget a good hug!