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Five Frustrating Issues That Truckers Face

21 JAN 2014
Career Path : Trucking Dispatch

While trucking can be a rewarding career, there are times when the trucking lifestyle can be a bit frustrating. The key to making a rewarding career out of trucking is to realize what these issues are and how to deal with them.

Deciding upon a career is something that takes time and should be given a great amount of serious consideration. When analyzing the possibilities, individuals must take into account both the benefits and the drawbacks of the particular current. What are some of the frustrating issues associated with a job in the trucking industry?

Sadness and Isolation
Individuals who are interested in becoming truckers should realize that they will spend a great deal of time away from home. For those who do not plan to marry and have children, this job may be ideal. On the other hand, not everyone is suited for such a lifestyle. While hitting the open road can be an adventurous life, it may also lead to loneliness and depression. Such issues must be kept at the forefront of a budding young trucker’s mind.

Maintaining Your Health
Matters of health are important to consider as well. When you are driving for a long time, you are going to have to eat whatever food is available. Most truck stops are not near healthy dining establishments. For people who are sitting behind the wheel of a truck all day, this can be dangerous since you are not really getting any exercise to offset the foods’ effects.

Understanding Your Sleeping Patterns
Truck drivers also have to find places to sleep at night, and mechanic school might not fully prepare you for this element. Depending upon where you are, you might find that you have to sleep in the truck on a regular basis. This can lead to restless nights of sleep and can even be dangerous when the weather conditions are too hot or too cold. Being overtired can lead to dangerous driving conditions, especially when the driver has not slept in many nights.

Facing Dangers on the Road
When truck drivers do not get enough sleep, they become dangers themselves. People who have not had the proper amounts of sleep can be just as dangerous as someone who had a few drinks before getting behind the wheel of a car. Truck drivers might doze off while they are operating the vehicle. Crashing a truck of that size can cause some deadly accidents, and innocent bystanders can be killed. Paying attention to dispatcher training, so you know what to do in an emergency, is critical.

Finding a Stable Job
As with many other professions, truck drivers also have to be on the lookout for jobs once they have finished these educational experiences. These types of jobs can be difficult to come by, especially if you live in an area where a lot of people go into this field. This can also be hard to do because some of the jobs might be temporary or seasonal, so you would still have to be looking for something else.

Every job is going to have negative components to it, but don’t let that scare you off. Trucking is a noble and rewarding career, and though it does have its share of challenges, understanding them will help you to decide if the job is for you.

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