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Free AAPS Workshops: The Perfect Way to Preview your Program

25 FEB 2014

Choosing a post-secondary institution can be an overwhelming challenge. With dozens of schools and hundreds of programs on offer across Ontario, it is essential to determine exactly what you hope to gain from your studies before committing to enrollment. For some students, college is an opportunity to explore a variety of interests, with the goal of settling on a career path after graduation. For others, training is directly linked to job preparation and these students have very clear objectives for selecting specific courses of study. This week, the AAPS blog asks students to reflect on an all-too familiar blunder that often leaves us questioning our educational decision-making strategies. The post, Free AAPS Workshops: The Perfect Way to Preview your Program, asks:

Have you ever enrolled in a class, attended the first lecture and then realized it was nothing like you thought it would be? Perhaps the material was not what you had in mind, the projected assignments seemed out of line with what you’d read in the course description – or maybe you just had a change of heart.  No big deal.  You just drop the course and sign up for another. But what if you’re already part way through your certification or diploma program and you discover you’ve chosen unwisely. You’ve already invested too much to turn back – switching gears seems much more costly.

Many students discover that the program they’ve selected in inappropriate. It does not match their skills or sustain their interest – or they learn too late that the job market in their area of study is saturated. In order to avoid this problem and help match students with the programs that suit them best, AAPS is offering free one-day workshops in a variety of subject areas. This is an excellent opportunity to meet faculty, check out the campus, and get a good sense of what the program has to offer. It’s rare to find a university that will let you sign up for a “sample” lecture or preview a course outline before officially enrolling. Often, institutions have hidden fees for dropping courses and students struggle to find replacement spots in classes that are already full to capacity.  A free workshop is a great way to test-drive the material before making a full term commitment.