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Ford Automated Parking

13 DEC 2013

You’ve found the perfect parking spot. You ease in, park perfectly, and then go about your day happily. However, when you get back, you’re boxed in and getting out is going to be a nightmare. We’ve all had this happen, and there’s nothing fun about trying to navigate out of a close space without any dings or dents. However, if Ford’s new Edge Concept is any indication, this pain might be a thing of the past. This great blog post from Automotive Training Centre explores the Concept Edge’s new fully automated self-parking system, and how it can save you not only a ton of time, but headaches too!

“With the fully automated, assisted parking technology, people will be able to remotely navigate their vehicles out of tight or crowded spaces, making it easier to get in and out of the vehicle. Another highlight of the technology is the advanced “obstacle avoidance system,” which can detect imminent or potential dangers to parking and adjust the vehicle accordingly. According to Ford, the obstacle avoidance system will eventually be expanded and developed to include the ability to identify slow-moving or stationary objects ahead of the driver while driving. Ford hopes to develop the technology so that, even if the driver is not able to react in time to the obstacle, the car will automatically take over and either navigate the vehicle away from the object or brake the vehicle altogether.”

With an intelligent system for analyzing obstacles and an incredibly responsive design, we’re well on our way to a safer, more efficient form of driving. Though we’ve got a long way to go before we’re relaxing and letting the car take care of all the driving, the constant innovation in driver assisting technology means it might not be too far off!