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The New Flu Shots: Customized Options and Flexible Delivery Systems

26 DEC 2013

With flu season fast approaching, the AAPS blog looks at some innovative new ways of delivering the influenza vaccine.  AstraZeneca, Protein Sciences Corp, and Sanofi are leading the way, making getting the flu shot easier and more effective than ever. In particular, Protein Sciences Corp has discovered a way of providing patients with all the protection of the vaccine, without any of the egg content or live virus.  The blog post explains that

Up until now, typical influenza vaccines were made using chicken eggs – a scary proposition for people with egg allergies. Flublok, by protein Sciences Corp, is the only licensed flu vaccine that does not use eggs, antibiotics or live influenza virus in any part of the manufacturing process. Appropriate for users between the ages of 18 and 49, Flublok and the other new alternative vaccines represent a leap forward in research and development.

Unfortunately, FluBlok is not yet appropriate for children under the age of 18, but nevertheless provides an excellent alternative for people unable to receive the traditional vaccine.  Last year, influenza affected over 30,000 Canadians, sending many to emergency rooms with worrisome symptoms.  Access to customized vaccines should significantly lower those numbers over the course of the coming flu season.