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Find Out If a Pharmacy Technician Diploma Program Is Right For You

18 DEC 2012
Career Path : Healthcare

Our bodies need to function perfectly in order for us to carry on our daily activities. When something in our body doesn’t work quite right, different medications can rectify the problem. Competent individuals are continually needed to be able to properly manage and dispense medications to individuals. This is the essential nature of a pharmacy technician. With the right training program, you can be among these important technicians who deliver this indispensable service each day.

A pharmacy technician diploma program is accredited by the Canadian Council of Accreditation of Pharmacy Programs (CCAPP) and provides students with the knowledge and skills required to work in this field.

Pharmacy technician courses teach a spectrum of subject areas including a basic knowledge of medical terminology and body systems, their diseases and disorders; a mastery of the pharmacy calculations necessary for the pharmacy technician to use daily in the pharmacy setting; a thorough knowledge of pharmacy practice as it relates to the technician; an in-depth understanding of why, how, and what drugs are prescribed for specific conditions and diseases in different sections of the body; a thorough knowledge of the drug classifications, the common drug names and uses, and how to apply that knowledge in filling prescriptions accurately; a complete knowledge of sterile product preparation using a laminar flow hood and other aseptic techniques; a full range of computer and office skills, including current software applications, keyboarding skills, general office management, accounting, personal and professional development, and customer service; and, on-site work experience through participation in 2 clinical externships, four weeks each, at a retail pharmacy and in a hospital pharmacy.

A pharmacy technician diploma program follows this typical course outline:

  • Basic Bookkeeping Level 1
  • Business Math
  • Clinical Worksite Placement
  • Customer Service
  • Introduction to Keyboarding
  • Introduction to Personal Computers
  • Introduction to the Internet
  • Learning Medical Language Keyboard Skill Building Level 1
  • Keyboard Skill Building Level 2
  • Microsoft Access Level 1
  • Microsoft Excel Level 1
  • Microsoft Outlook Level 1
  • Microsoft Word Level 1
  • Pharmacy Calculations
  • Pharmacy Principles and Practice – Level 1,2,3,4
  • Sterile Product Preparation
  • Windows Level 1

Graduates of pharmacy technician courses are qualified to work in many settings, including areas such as:

  • Community Pharmacies
  • Hospital Pharmacies
  • Long-term Care Facilities
  • Large Health Centers
  • Rehabilitation Centers
  • Insurance Firms
  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Pharmaceutical Dispensing Depots

Take the time to think about a pharmacy technician diploma program. It might be the medicine you need!

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