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Find Your Niche Before You Become a Mechanic

29 JUN 2012
Career Path : Automotive

Most successful businesspeople know that it takes a niche for a business to truly succeed. Start thinking about your niche now as you begin mechanic school. By the time you finish your auto mechanic course, you should already have a firm plan in place for your future as a businessperson.


We do everything: versatility

Some graduates of mechanic school distinguish themselves from their competitors by servicing a wide range of vehicles, everything from family sedans to lawn mowers or snowmobiles to heavy farm machinery.

This career path is best suited to:

-       those who become a mechanic because they just can’t stop tinkering with engines of any kind

-       those who plan to work in a rural area after completing mechanic school


To increase your chances of this niche succeeding, take the following courses at mechanic school:

– diesel technology


Custom only

If classic hot rods and muscle cars are your thing, why not make a business out of it?

This career path is best suited to:

-       people who grew up around older cars


To increase your chances of this niche succeeding:

-       complete an apprenticeship with an experienced classic car mechanic (in mechanic school, you will learn how to use today’s diagnostic computer tools, but to learn the old ways, you will have to seek out a seasoned professional, who remembers the old days when being a mechanic was mainly a question of mechanical rather than electronic skill).


Race car mechanic

Some schools have a dedicated motor sports auto mechanic course, but that it is not the only way to become a race car mechanic.


To increase your chances of this niche succeeding:

-       volunteer at your local race track

-       get to know the motorsports community in your area

-       after completing a normal auto mechanic course, consider taking an upgrader course in motor sports mechanics


Auto leak repair

Some people who become a mechanic go on to distinguish themselves by specializing in one type of auto repair. For example, some garages specialize in repairing water leaks in vehicles. They gather information on the reported leaks associated with all kinds of vehicles.


Eco-friendly auto repair

Some graduates of mechanic school go on to open garages that bill themselves as eco-friendly, with environmentally responsible policies and procedures concerning waste disposal, energy use and pollution in the garage, as well as in the front office.

To increase your chances of this niche succeeding:

-       seek green certification from an independent organization

-       keep abreast of developments in clean transportation as you become a mechanic


Don’t delay: choose your niche today, so that you can prepare for it as you become a mechanic.


Visit Canadian Automotive & Trucking Institute for more information on mechanic school.