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Financing Your Early Childhood Assistant Diploma

10 FEB 2014

There are few jobs that are more important than an early childhood educator. You’re responsible for giving a whole new generation of future leads the skills and support that they need to blossom into happy, healthy and productive adults. Getting your diploma as anearly childhood assistant is a noble and rewarding pursuit, but for some, it’s also a question of finances. Luckily, this blog post by the National Academy of Health and Business has some great tips on how to finance your education.

“Probably your best and simplest option, you can apply for funding for your educational pursuits through your federal and provincial governments. You can apply for either student loans or grants to help fund your education. The difference between a grant and a loan is that a loan you eventually have to pay back, while a grant is money bestowed upon you that you don’t have to pay back. Federal and provincial student loans are simple to apply for and you can do so by visiting the national student loans website to find out more information. You don’t have to start paying back your loans until six months after you graduate, giving you ample time to locate a job after finishing your diploma at an early childhood college.”

There are a multitude of grant and scholarship options available to prospective students looking to get into a career in early child development and assistance. There are also funding programs that you can apply for in some provinces, such as Alberta, that will fund a large portion of your tuition. When all else fails, there’s always the prospect of a second job and a bit of scrimping and saving!