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20 FEB 2013
Career Path : Audio Engineering

With a cold, and often damp climate well above the equator, and a small population, Canada is not always considered ideal film country. Though the country occasionally punches above its weight with movies, and exports plenty of talent, in house production is usually a depressing picture. And yet the country has one particular aspect where they do extremely well. Canada is a leader in computer animated special effects.


Canada was enthusiastically on board with early computer animation. From the popular show “Reboot” to the ground breaking “Short Circuits”, the country was a relatively early adopter in small scale entertainment. This set the stage for later developments.


The epicentre of Canadian computer animation is probably Montreal, and the reasoning actually can be linked to the games industry. There is a great deal of cross over in modern game art between programmers, and more conventionally trained artists from graphic design, traditional animation and film production programs. These days, specialized computer animation programs are one of many options for high school students across Canada. Montreal is the games development capital of Canada because of the import of a French gaming company. When they anchored themselves in the largely bilingual city, and began producing successful games, they attracted talented artists from around the world and throughout the country. These people didn’t just work for the games company, but also smaller companies the picked up on outsourcing projects.


It is quite normal for major productions of all kinds, to be serviced by separate specialist subcontractors. This applies whether the company employs audio production school grads or is one of the many places that employs graduates of animation and conventional film schools in Canada. Films and games alike hire out musicians and artist to write music, work over dialog and create special effects. When these companies grew up in Montreal, it made the country much more inviting for other companies to take root.


This also fed a growth of games studios and art companies that service games all across the country. Several of the recent, blockbuster games titles were birthed out of Canada, not just from Montreal, but also studios that string the country. These also mean that when movies and games made outside the country need special effects, or integrated animation, they know they can turn to Canada to find the quality they need.


These days, many not only has computer animation crept into what appears to be pencil-and-paper animation, live action films have very subtle animation to add special effects or subtle tweaking to the look and sound of the film, such as colour balancing or putting recorded dialog in to replace botched live recorded sound. Film schools in Canada produce internationally respected graduates. So do audio production schools. As a result Canada gets lots of contracts at home and abroad.



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