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Figuring Out the Best Auto Mechanic School for You

11 APR 2013
Career Path : Automotive

Choosing a good auto mechanic school means both considering your career goals and looking at what the school can do for you. These days, a school is part of your necessary auto mechanic training. For the first two years on your path to become a mechanic, you can expect to spend under the direct tutelage of experts.


The end goal of your school time is to prepare you for the practical work experience part of your apprenticeship. Generally it takes about two years of school, more in a less intense program or if you are getting a specialization. You might also choose to go back to school even after becoming a certified mechanic, to help you further your knowledge with a skill upgrade.



The location of your school is going to affect what you can enroll in. A good school is worth moving to, but the hands on nature of auto mechanic training mean that distance education probably is not a good choice for auto mechanic school. You want as much experience working on actual cars as possible to counter balance an equally strong need for theory training.


Program Types

There is a lot more options than just a standard auto service technician education. Many schools even offer other related education for other automotive careers. For example they might offer auto sales and leasing, or transport operations training alongside mechanic classes. You will usually be able ot read up on the school’s programs through their website or email or call a representative directly.



The best schools will let you learn to use all the tools that will be a part of your career. From virtual welding machines, to fully equip student garages that turn the auto mechanic school into a working commercial business so you can deal with the real sorts of problems your career will bring.


On the other hand, most schools will at least attempt to acquire you some wrecks to refurbish. Like a medical school supplying dissection subjects, you will learn about the little idiosyncratic differences with cars by working directly with them. Don’t forget to check that there are enough tools and training areas for the number of students! The best way to judge this, incidentally, is to take a visit.



The end goal of your auto mechanic training is of course to make you into someone ready to work as a mechanic. But as well as the skills, you also need the licencing and skills to prove you are qualified. From special welding examinations to overall, national level exams for master mechanics, you will need to pass many tests.


Additionally, in order to get financial aid, the auto mechanic school will need general accreditation as a learning institution.

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