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A Festival Circuit for Film School: Toronto Student Film Festival, etc.

27 FEB 2012
Career Path : Arts and Entertainment

Students at film schools in Canada, take heart! The student film festival circuit is alive and well at home and abroad. If you keep working hard in your film courses. Montreal, Toronto and the world may one day line up for the privilege to see the fruits of your labour. Here are some of the film festivals for you to consider submitting to while still in film school. Toronto International Film Festival, they may not be. But you have to start somewhere.

The Montreal Student Film & Video festival is for students of film schools in Canada. The goal is to discover new talent currently enrolled in film courses. Montreal also offers another student film festival, the Young Cuts Film Festival. Unlike the Montreal Student Film & Video Festival, which is only open to people at film schools in Canada, the Young Cuts Film Festival is open to students from around the world.

For Toronto students enrolled in film school, Toronto Youth Shorts Film Festival is a volunteer-run nonprofit that gives a chance for Toronto’s emerging filmmakers to showcase their work.

One film school, Toronto’s Deparment of Film in York University’s Faculty of Fine Arts, has a yearly juried showcase called CineSeige that is only open to the students in its own program.

Queen’s University offers a yearly video-making contest for its own students, asking them to create a short on the theme of online summer school courses.

Another film school, Toronto’s cinema studies program at the University of Toronto – or, more specifically, Hart House, U of T’s “living laboratory of arts, culture and recreation” – organizes a student showcase that is open to students from film schools in Canada, but where priority is given to submissions form the Hart House and U of T community.

Other film schools in Canada offer student festivals that are open to students from all over. The University of Regina’s media production and studies department organizes a festival called Living Skies that is open to students from around the world, not just from film schools in Canada.

Similarly, students from around the world, not just from film schools in Canada, are invited to submit to the Toronto Student Film Festival, which is billed as a showcase for underground cinema.

Students of film schools in Canada can also submit to such international film festivals as the Beijing International Student Short Film and Video Festival or the Angelus Student Festival.

The world’s largest film festival, which is held at Brown University in Rhode Island, is also open to students at film schools in Canada.

So what are you waiting for? Get out on the festival circuit today! Submit your best work now.

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