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Help A Family Meet All Its Obligations With Grace: Early Childhood College

27 FEB 2012
Career Path : Childcare

Every day, it seems, there is a new study explaining just how crucial those early years are in the life of a child, striking fear into the hearts of working parents everywhere, who must place their trust in the early childhood assistant at their local daycare to help bring out the best in their children.

Equally affecting are news stories sensationalizing the difficulties of raising a family on one income. Parents of young children are torn between savings priorities. What’s best? Pay down the mortgage, invest in a Registered Education Savings Plan or save for retirement? This is hard at the best of times, but even more so on just one income.

Graduates of early childhood college are the guardian angels of two-income families everywhere.

In today’s hard economic times, many parents of young children find themselves as economic migrants, leaving their home towns to make a living “where the money is.” For many who find themselves without the traditional extended family support network for childcare and parenting advice, early childhood assistants become a valuable resource, providing reassurance, as well as care.

Interested in supporting an entire family by broadening a young child’s world while their parents earn money for their future? Consider early childhood college.

What will you learn at early childhood college?

  •  You will learn about child development, for instance, why it is that so many a young charge of an early childhood assistant loves to ask why.
  • You will learn how to guide children through daily activities, for example, through the use of such early childhood assistant techniques as clean-up songs, and other fun rituals such as leaving out a basin of soapy water so that children can wash their own dishes after meals. These kinds of rituals help early childhood assistants make the children feel more secure and independent as they smoothly transition from one activity to the next in a predictable, reassuring way that also builds confidence. No wonder some parents stay in touch with their children’s early childhood assistant for the rest of their lives!
  • Health and Safety. At early childhood college, you will learn, for instance, when to contact the public health authority about a suspected disease outbreak. You will also learn guidelines to follow on such unwanted visitors as lice.
  • You may have an opportunity for on-the-job training. Some early childhood assistants may want to train in specialized daycares that offer Montessori, Waldorf or other alternative kinds of early childhood assistant philosophies.

Guiding young children through their early years is an enormously rewarding responsibility – and career. Look for an early childhood college in your area.

Contact the National Academy of Health and Business for more information on their Early Childcare Assistant Program.