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The Evolving Administrative Assistant

20 NOV 2013
Career Path : Administration

Many years ago, the job description for the administrative assistance may have included little more than answering phones, taking notes, and catering to the whims of the boss. Those days are long gone, as the administrative assistant is now a vital part of the success of any company. As new technology is integrated into the workplace on a seemingly daily basis, and the inter-office dynamics evolve regularly, it becomes more important than ever for the future administrative assistant to have solid background training from business admin courses, legal assistant schools, or other training opportunities. Ahead, you’ll see what the evolution of the administrative assistant position has led to in terms of job description, and some of the skills necessary for success in the field.

The Evolution of Administrative Assistants

To the uninformed, there is sometimes a misconception that the administrative assistant is more or less the same as a secretary. While this may have held some truth in the past, it no longer applies to the modern graduate of office administration courses. In a basic sense, the administrative assistant does some of the same work that a secretary would do, but the job description also includes much more. Since so many well-developed skills are necessary for the success of the administrative assistant, it is a position which is in great demand in the job market.

The Modern Administrative Assistant

In many ways, the administrative assistant is now the face of any given business. The administrative assistant is often the first person to speak to customers on the phone, and the first person to greet them when they come into the office. This means that strong interpersonal skills are required for success in the position. Since written communication is now so common through email, the administrative assistant also needs strong language skills, with well-refined grammar. This is another way in which the administrative assistant is the face of the business.

Anticipate, Communicate, and Organize

These are the three key skills for the evolving administrative assistant. Anticipation includes simple things, like knowing when to schedule breaks for administrators after meetings, and knowing which restaurants the administrator prefers for lunch meetings. Communication is also vital, as steady lines of communication make it easier to anticipate what the executive needs, and what they will want in the future. Organization is the cornerstone skill for any administrative assistant, as administrators will always appreciate a well-built, sensible schedule. All of these things combine to create a fast-paced, exciting work environment for the administrative assistant.

In office administration courses or business school, you will learn all of the skills necessary to become a successful administrative assistant in the ever-evolving modern environment. After completing training, you will be ready to enter the work force and find an in-demand, lucrative administrative assistant position.

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