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The Evolution of Dental Hygiene Careers in Canada

17 MAR 2014

In dental hygiene programs, students are taught about comprehensive dental hygiene including cleaning of teeth and gums, determining diseases, enamel rot cavity prevention as well as planning the treatment chart of the patient. Many people are interested in a career as a dental hygienist, but would like to know more about the effects of an aging population on the role. The position of dental hygienist has seen a lot of changes throughout its fifty year history, so the role is well-suited for adapting to healthcare trends and different market demands. For example, today we have dental hygienists who are employees and others who are self-employed, providing services to more than one dentist at a time, giving them more flexibility with their schedules. The Canadian Academy of Dental Hygiene has published a great blog on the evolution of Dental Hygiene Careers in Canada. Make sure to check it out for more information on this subject.

“If you want to become a dental hygienist, you should know that the role is currently evolving in order to help meet the changing oral health needs of society. The population demographics and health care trends in Canada indicate that the role of the dental hygienist in community health centres or residential care facilities will increase in the coming years.  Private practices will also allow dental hygienists to establish different practice settings, helping the public to obtain oral care services when and where they need it. We are already seeing mobile practices bringing dental hygiene services to remote communities and housebound clients.”