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Event and Venue Management Opportunities in Canada

27 JAN 2014

Do you have knack for illustrating posters or designing eye-catching banners? Well did you know that an artistic passion like that could have you promoting international music festivals or being in charge of promoting heavy-hitting independent bands? As this great blog post by Trebas Institute explains, the world of Event and Venue Management is much larger and more diverse than you might have expected, and the career options are plentiful and rewarding.

“With the right event management school, you’ll gather all the necessary skills to work with promoters and artists to organize concerts at a venue, or even work directly with artists as a booking agent. You could be working alongside heavy-hitters in the music business, either seeking out the hottest new talent for your venue, or finding the best and trendiest bars to host the newest up-and-coming indie band or a rising hip-hop star with DJ training. You’ll need to know the ins and outs of negotiating payment, the band’s stage setup and their request rider – which could include anything from normal requests like wine or spirits, to somewhat more interesting requests like a kitten to play with.”

Some people like to be behind the scenes, coordinating things like set times and the order of the bands, while some people prefer to be on the frontlines, promoting an event through innovative viral marketing campaigns, beautifully illustrated posters and more. With a diploma in Event and Venue Management, how you choose to put your creative talents to use is entirely up to you.