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Event Management Concerns for Putting on a Production

12 APR 2013
Career Path : DJ Training

Let us say you want to put on a production. It could be a performance of a Greek tragedy in the park, with hobby actors on a shoestring culture grant or a multi-act extravaganza in the biggest venue in town. Regardless there are some factors to take into account. It may be so complicated you’ll even consider going to event management school.


First of all, to plan your events you need a realistic look at your budget. The funds you can raise are the ultimate cap on how far your spectacle can go. For a concert with a commercial intent, you can acquire a bank loan. Festivals typically have sponsors that make heavy use of add space, as do culture based endeavours like community theatre, though the latter usually are content with black and white ads in the show’s program, while the former may trade on things like the exclusive right to sell beverages. Certain very prestigious events get heavy competition from sponsorship, while things like tobacco companies that can’t advertise otherwise will often use sponsorship to get noticed.


More amateur efforts may mean passing around the hat, bake sales or haggling for discounts and milking connections. For example students at a sound engineer school putting on a concert might convince their educational institution that for the merit of training they should be allowed to borrow audio equipment like microphones.


You can also stock your event with students, for example getting the DJ or audio person from the aforementioned local sound engineering school. Keep in mind that you get what you pay for and DJ training and experience is part of what makes someone good.


After securing your budget, plan down to the tiniest details. You will need fire code related permits, commercial licencing and maybe vendor and alcohol licencing. You will also need to make sure your event doesn’t cause a public disturbance. Nobody wants to be shut down after they sold a lot of tickets!


You will be planning the audio, the visuals, the décor, the crowd control and have several disaster plans in place. If you want to do this professionally, you may seriously consider event management school.  That is, but the way, on top of having to be an expert people manager, with all the crew and talent you need to co-ordinate. However a fantastic event getting off the ground is one of the best feelings.


Once things are on the go though, expect to be running around for hours. From long before opening to the last moments of the after party (you are having an after party, right?) you will be on the go, trouble shooting and keeping everyone on schedule.

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