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Event Itinerary: Six Months in Oakville

13 JUL 2012
Career Path : Food and Catering

Half the year is already over, but there is still much to do in the town of Oakville. From jazz to annual holiday traditions, there will undoubtedly be an event going on when you drop in for a visit in the second half of the year. Let’s take a look at what you can expect to see month to month.

July is the month of Midnight Madness, one of the biggest annual events that Oakville holds. Typically, approximately 50,000 people make it out to this retail extravaganza, which, for a town with a population of 182,500, is quite a significant turn out. The intention behind the event is to showcase the goods, services and talents of local shop owners, tradespeople, and artists. The event usually kicks off at 5PM and continues on well into the late hours of the night.

August can easily be dubbed Oakville’s month of music. Held annually over two days and three nights, the Oakville Jazz Festival welcomes a roster of A-line musicians. Every concert held can be enjoyed for free, making the entire festival completely open and accessible to anyone who wants to spend a weekend perusing the Oakville streets while enjoying those smooth brass sounds. This festival is perfect for people of all ages and families alike.

As September rolls in, one might assume that the excitement in Oakville would simmer down as the summer cools and the kids are well into their school routine again. Fortunately, this isn’t so. This year will mark Oakville’s 2nd Fall Festival, which is ultimately one huge food fest. Local chefs gather to wow everyone (and their palates) with delicious dishes. Kids and families can also enjoy a slew of outdoor activities.

If you’re visiting a young family in Oakville at the end of October, be sure to tag along as they head over to the Tiny Tots on Parade event. Here you’ll see tons of little ones dressed up in their scariest (and cutest) suits. The daytime event will be packed with festivities for you to enjoy.

November will most definitely fill the city with the holiday spirit. Although patio restaurants in Oakville will understandably be moving their patrons inside, visiting Oakville during the Christmas months will still promise many outdoor events and activities. One in particular is the Tree Lighting Ceremony, which brings about hundreds, if not thousands, of people who indulge in caroling and warm apple cider as they await the main attraction.

December is, of course, the ultimate holiday month. Rather than direct people to the jam packed malls, Oakville encourages people to make their way downtown to peruse local shops, Oakville restaurants, and specialized trades- and crafts-people to take part in the town’s ‘Christmas in Downtown’ event.


And there you have it; six months of things to keep you busy in Oakville. If you haven’t dropped in for a visit yet, hopefully this list will entice you to do so. The town awaits you!

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