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Essentials of Successful Project Management

12 AUG 2014
Career Path : Administration

Online MBA in Project Management

Becoming an effective project manager requires a unique combination of organizational skills and leadership. If you are currently a project manager, or looking to become one, it is critical that you hone the skills needed to make your projects a success. An online MBA diploma in project management can teach you how to sharpen those skills.

Let’s examine four necessary project management skills.

Thoughtful and Strategic Planning

Nothing is more painful that watching a project that has gone outside scope and beyond budget. A successful project manager will ensure that they set their project up for success in the beginning by ensuring that the project scope is carefully defined and SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely). This means securing buy in from various stakeholders to ensure that appropriate resources will be available to ensure the success of the project. If all stakeholders are not on board, the project will suffer. An MBA in project management can give you the skills you need to create your strategic plan. The end state of the project should also be clearly defined, with milestones and deadlines set along the way.


Especially in large projects, communication is key. All department stakeholders should be involved in regular meetings to discuss progress and to remove any roadblocks along the way. A combination of verbal and written communication is typically best, as some would prefer to discuss the project, while others would simply like to view progress reports. It is better to over communicate than to under communicate. As the project is nearing completion, it is critical for all impacted parties and departments to have a clear understanding of how the end state will benefit them.

Assets Identified

As a project manager, you will be coordinating with multiple departments in order to deploy just the right combination of people, technology, and finances. Projects that run lean tend to move more efficiently towards the project goal, and tend to stay under budget while doing so. Too many or non-specific assets are an easy way for the project to accrue unanticipated expenses and flounder along. The necessary assets should be identified in the strategic planning portion of your project. Understanding the specific roles of the key stakeholders will help to remove any roadblocks when it comes time to deploy assets.

The Three N’s

All good project managers are great at three n’s; networking, negotiating, and never say no. An online MBA in project management will no doubt, stress the importance of these skills. Corporate networking means understanding who to go to in order to get a specific goal accomplished, and not stepping on toes to get there. This can be quite a balancing act, but can pay off if done properly. Once you have established key relationships, learn to leverage them in a give and take manner in order to move your project ahead. Never say no means outside the box thinking, and moving forward with a positive attitude despite challenges along the way.