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The Essentialism of the Electrician

10 OCT 2012
Career Path : Apprenticeships

We depend on electricity every day. It is often taken for granted, until we are left without power in the wake of a storm, or a construction endeavor. In reality, it is one of our most used mediums of energy. Unfortunately, most people can barely make their way around an electrical service panel. So in times of power trouble, we call an electrician.

If you are someone that is more hands on, and are looking for a valued career that pays well, then you should consider a career in electricity. Opportunities await potential students in industrial commercial and government organizations, in manufacturing, steel mills, chemical plants, refineries and in pulp and paper mills. Some electricians even go on to work in engineering, or become research assistants. Society needs people that are capable of working with electricity, especially since such a large part of the population depends on it on a daily basis.

As electricity can be extremely dangerous to work with if you don’t know what you are doing, it is detriment for students to be properly trained in both the theory and practical application of electric functions.  Electrician apprenticeships are one of the only ways to achieve this. Hours upon hours must be spent working alongside a professional to truly learn all of the ins and outs of the electric world. This training is not only essential to your personal safety, but also to the safety of others.

Simply put, it is not possible to become an electrician without sufficient and extensive training. A certain number of hours must be worked before you can be certified, and you must be both a diligent student, and a hard worker. You must also be a fast learner. This is because electricity is a facet of technology, and technology is constantly evolving. You must be able to adapt and learn changes quickly, as well as have an in-depth understanding of the materials and procedures that you will be asked to work with. In order to work with electrical power, you must have certain qualifications in both security and safety training before you can be certified to work. These qualifications cannot be rushed, and must be obtained through practice and knowledge. Industrial electrician apprenticeships (or construction) will also teach you what to expect in the real world, when a real emergency occurs, or an immediate service in required. As electric issues are often time sensitive, it is important to be able to respond quickly in actual situations.

With the right training, you will be able to work in maintenance, construction, and even eventually, for yourself. You will also be considered a prized member of the workforce, with regulated pay, the moment that you finish your training, dependent on the receipt of your certification. In the shaky job market today, what could be better than guaranteed employment with an impressive salary? Electrician apprenticeships are essential to aspiring electricians. Look in your area to find potential apprenticeship employers, and speak to a college specializing in electrician studies for more informed.

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