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Essential Tips For Newcomers to Sales Management

21 MAY 2013
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For a new sales manager, you might feel overwhelmed with all the responsibilities that come with your role. Though you were probably a top sales person, sales management goes beyond your sales training. You are doing more now; from helping your company develop a sales strategy, to training other people and being answerable for their sales numbers. But, before you give up and let the stress over whelm you, here is a few helpful tips.

1) Keep up with your paperwork. You a€™re probably floating in a sea of reports. Unfortunately that’€™s one of the primary things you were hired to update.  These days, you’€™re also going to be getting all sorts of metrics from analytics software too, and have pages of spread sheets to pour over. Some of the paperwork you deal with will be informing you how to do your job. Some of it is to help people above you in the hierarchy of your work place understand what is going on. Both are crucial to helping you demonstrate you’€™re doing the work you are doing, and also to help you point to your successes and prepare for those bumps in the road.

2) Keep communication open with your staff. Don’€™t expect your staff to come to you with problems. Additionally, not everyone has the self-perception to know their full capacities, and assigned work tends to expand to take exactly the time you give people. Being a motivated self-starter was probably part of the motivation of why you were promoted to your current role in sales management, but there’€™s more to keeping your staff moving than just handing out work. You need to keep an ongoing dialog that includes realistic assessments of everyone’s capacities with work with your staff’s aptitudes, not against them.

3) Keep learning. Just because you are managing other people is no reason to neglect your own sales training. The field is constantly evolving, so whether you are in a traditional industry or not, don’t rely on methodology to remain static. New things like social media platforms or more efficient online communications are always going to pop up. Even if your customers are still stuck in the realm of faxes and paper mail, making sure you’€™re still learning the latest sales methods helps you stand out and stay flexible. After all, you don’t want to stagnate!

4) Preserve work-life balance. Taking work home from the office and being on call beyond a regular work week doesn’€™t have to be a death blow to your family life or your time with friends. Set clear boundaries that give you some breathing room, so you can still keep up with what matters outside of work. And, if they’€™re happy to tether you to work with a phone, take that as permission to roam. If you can work from home you can do that in the daytime too.

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