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Essential Skills For Pharmacy Technician Assistants

7 APR 2014

Careers in the pharmaceutical sector are exploding in popularity lately. Partially due to the increasing number of elderly people and the increasing availability of pharmaceutical products, the industry is definitely booming right now. With more demand for pharmaceutical products of excellent quality comes a demand for more skilled and qualified people to assume roles in the pharmaceutical industry, to ensure output stays solid and to ensure, above all else, that the stringent quality standards are met. One type of pharmaceutical job that’s absolutely essential to this is that of a pharmacy technician assistant. Assisting the pharmacy technician with the day to day operations of the pharmacy and the creating and filing of prescriptions, as well as the counting and labelling of medications and interacting with customers, the role of a pharmacy technician assistant cannot be overstated. Check out this blog post by Herzing College to find out what the essential skills for pharmacy technician assistants are.

A Sharp Eye

Above all else, the most essential skill you’ll need if you’re thinking of becoming a pharmacy technician assistant is that of extreme focus and attention to detail. You’ll be responsible for writing down and storing prescriptions, as well as the pricing of medications, and as such, ensuring that things are as accurate as possible is of the highest priority. Pharmacy technician assistants will also be required to count pills and prepare prescriptions as per written instructions, meaning the slightest error could result in an incorrectly filled prescription, which can be extremely dangerous. “