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Essential Skills for Filmmakers

10 FEB 2014
Career Path : Arts and Entertainment

Any successful filmmaker will tell you that there’s a lot more than just a good eye and good camera skills that go into making a great film. Possessing the often overlooked yet essential skills for filmmakers is what sets apart the merely adequate filmmakers from the great success stories. Resourcefulness, passion and communication leadership are integral to seeing a project through. Having a great idea is just the first step in making a truly awesome film. From managing your cast and crew to being able to properly convey your artistic statement, there are a variety of skills aside from the basics that you’ll need to be familiar with to make it in the film industry. This great blog post by Trebas Institute talks about some of the lesser known skills that can turn your dream of filmmaking into a successful reality.

“Filmmakers, especially those who are starting out, usually don’t have the luxury of having a huge team behind them, or having access to a wealth of hired help. Chances are, if you’re starting out in the filmmaking game, you’ll be doing most of the work yourself. That means that you should be familiar with much more than just being able to work a camera. You’ll probably be responsible for setting up scenes and running various errands just as much as you’ll be making directorial decisions. Just remember that there are a lot of little pieces to the big puzzle of filmmaking, and running to grab coffee for your actors and giving notes on the script are both essential to the project in their own ways.”