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Essential Qualities of any Catering Professional

13 JUN 2012
Career Path : Food and Catering

The catering industry rests on the talents and dedication of many different types of professionals. Primarily, there are corporate representatives, who are typically those who work one-on-one with the party throwers to discuss planning, floor plan, menus, prices etc. There are also the pastry chefs and bakers, servers, bartenders and barmaids, and the venue hosts and hostesses. Regardless of which position a catering professional holds, every employee must be characterized as follows:


Squeaky Clean


From the cutlery to your fingernails, every inch of you and the venue needs to be perfectly clean. This can be difficult to control, considering that you are not necessarily washing everything yourself. Still, as a catering professional, it is vital that everything is spotless. The selling point of any catered event is the food, and no one wants to be in a situation where a guest notices and points out that something is dirty. It’s embarrassing for them and for you. If you are in the area, and happen to scope out any of the catering services in Oakville and Toronto, you will notice that most maintain a standard of cleanliness that is exemplary.


Class Act


To start, attire is key. Be it at a black-tie wedding or a children’s birthday brunch, the entire catering crew needs to be well suited up. (I once attended a circus-themed party and the catering crew looked phenomenal. So much so, that I was considering a career change.) But beyond attire lies craft. While servers master the rules of flatware settings and serving techniques, bartenders will impress thirsty party-goers as they pour dozens of different mixed drinks by memory. (No bottle throwing or flames necessary.) Hosts and hostesses will be friendly, even when faced with the most unpleasant of guests, and the catering manager will always be reachable at a second’s notice. It’s not so much about a caterer offering good service as it is about them embodying good service.



Graceful Hustle


The sign of any good craftsman is that he makes the most complicated task look simple. This same is true of caterers. Working a catered event can be hectic and pretty stressful, especially when the head count is in the three digits. The challenge, of course, is not just in doing your job properly, but doing it with grace. Good catering professionals are able to juggle multiple tasks, watch the clock, tend to the guests, and make everything look like a piece of cake. If this sounds stressful that’s because it is. Before you dip into the catering industry, be sure that you’re up for the challenge.


Catering services in Oakville and Toronto host all different types of events, from weddings to brunches, and local fundraisers to corporate parties. That said, an added plus for any catering professional is the opportunity to attend so many events, and encounter a variety of different people, cultures, traditions and celebrations.

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