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Escape The Sales Management Trap: 3 Tips For Training

18 SEP 2013
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Making sure that your boss knows that you want a promotion in sales management is the most important part of the process. What many professionals don’t know is that promotions are a learning process for both the candidate and bosses. Managers often groom potential management candidates before a promotion occurs, and get to know their strengths and weaknesses as a potential leader. Bosses are also able to provide career building pointers to the candidate, offer advice and give insight on strategic sales training.

In turn, the candidate learns directly from their leader and understand how the sales strategies of their company works. By making your boss aware of your desire to become a sales manager you are not only taking the initiative in your own career, you are showing your boss that you are a go-getter whose ambition who will take their sales strategies to the next level when promoted.

After establishing open communication about the desire to advance your career, get it in writing with a contract. Whatever the next steps in the promotion process are, you and your boss need these items outlined and agreed upon so that you can keep a record of your progress. If their are sales management tasks that you need to know or if you need a more in depth understanding of strategic sales training, the contract will be able to point you and your boss in the right direction.

Take the Initiative: Train Yourself on Leadership
Although your boss and the corporate offices of your company may be looking to you for career advancement because of your expressed interest in a promotion, it is important that you begin self-training on leadership and sales management.

The best way to train yourself for a promotion is to research current trends in strategic sales and sales management. If you work in a retail environment, study the changing sales trends associated with your market and create your own strategies to practice in your store. Although this may require some studying after hours, or going to industry-related courses at your local community college, it will be will worth it. Your investment in yourself is invaluable and you are sure to use this management and sales strategy training for the rest of your career.

Customer Service Does Not Stop At the Sales Management Level
In an environment where the customer is always right, you have to put your best face forward and know exactly when to say the right thing to customers at the exact right time. Honing in on this skill will either make or break a sale, and every sales management team member in any customer service oriented field knows this.

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