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Entrepreneurship Begins at John Cabot University

7 APR 2014

Surely you know the classic idea of nabbing a career. The story of graduating from college and then finding an entry level job working 9 to 5 doing something you don’t necessarily like, and working your way up to a management position and 401k. Well, thankfully, that old tale is on its way out, as information becomes more and more accessible with the digital age, and people realize that they don’t have to spend their lives doing something they want to do. Now, you’re able to get the skills and knowledge you need to make your dreams come true by running your own business – a path which more and more students are taking these days. Our free-spirited, independent generation has given rise to a wealth of great entrepreneurial success stories. Just check out this great blog post by John Cabot University that shares the story of a successful alumnus, and argues for why entrepreneurship begins at John Cabot University.


Success Story: Andrea di Rocco


John Cabot University alumnus Andrea di Rocco, from Ostia, Italy, is a great example of the success students can go on to enjoy with the right education and opportunities. Di Rocco graduated from John Cabot University and went on to take a position as a luxury brand sales representative for Proctor and Gamble. However, he gambled it all when he decided to forge his own path, starting the website SOSWordpress and relocating to Thailand.


SOSWordpress, Di Rocco’s successful business venture, helps clients create and launch amazing websites using WordPress.”