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More Entertainment Careers in Toronto

13 DEC 2012
Career Path : Arts and Entertainment

This look into entertainment careers in Toronto looks into events, festivals and street level occasions, as well as marketing. We’ll take a look at careers that keep you running around and how they apply to the capital of Ontario, with its bustling, booming lifestyle, whether you want to become and event planner, promote products, events and ideas or be an audio expert.


Event Planner

People looking to become an event planner need excellent organization and confidence even under pressure. Your job will be to select locations and manage the logistics for occasions varying from annual festivals to private parties and functions. You’ll need to be good with budgets and spreadsheets, and spend countless hours in contact with everyone from municipal agencies, for permits, to catering companies and entertainers, as well as being able to confidently reassure clients everything is still according to plan.


In Toronto, the multitude of festivals keeps an army or event planners busy. Even outside the warm summer months, from arts festival NXNE to Toronto’s spectacular Canada day and Pride parade showings, if big events are your dream, Toronto will keep you more than busy. Meanwhile Toronto houses the head offices of many national companies, and the Canada head office of international corporations, drawn by the economy and Toronto’s stability.


Audio Technician

You’ll be the person running cable and doing sound checks all around a multitude of locations in Toronto, a master of speaker positioning and electrical safety. Expect a physically demanding career after you graduate from your audio engineering college that can occur indoors and out in all sorts of weather. In Toronto, you could end up attached to the aforementioned festivals, or setting up for concerts in the Toronto Centre for the Arts, or even part of the team for the CBC’s Toronto office on 250 Front Street in Downtown Toronto, helping report on national news events.


Promotions Marketer

The same skills that allow you to become an event planner apply here, but you’ll also be helped along by good charisma and an ability to learn multiple skills. While you might be purely on the logistics side, but if you have a background in other creative skills, such as a degree from a film school in Toronto, you could end up a one stop shop for advertising, managing both an online viral video campaign and the street side promotions. Because of the nature of business in Toronto, you could be taking advantage of the slightly more than two and a half million population to introduce a new product to Canadians, or as a part of the music scene, putting up posters on walls and lamp posts and giving out fliers for the hottest new sounds and nightclubs. Of course in the latter case you’ll also need a good understanding of municipal laws on littering and advertising to avoid a profit devouring fine.


Visit Trebas Institute for more information on how to become an event planner.