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Entering the Global Village 2.0

8 APR 2014

With the advent of the internet we have experienced rapid and crazy changes in the way that we live our lives on a day to day basis. Not just being able to surf the net on our phones on the way to work, but the breaking down of communication barriers across the globe, and the uniting of people all over the world through the use of technology. Marshall McLuhan, the famous media theorist, coined the term “global village” to explain a world where he envisioned the entire planet being able to connect and interact through media. Many people say this is upon us now, and even more people say that we’re in the global village 2.0. This discussion is especially heated at John Cabot University’s International Communication Institute, where every summer it plays hosts to seminars and lecturers by many influential people, and hosts a wealth of international students. Check out their blog post on it for more information!

The International Communication Institute

Each Summer II session the International Communication Institute brings together John Cabot University students, international students and faculty from around the world to attend five weeks of intense discussion and discovery concerning our globalized world and the role that technology plays in it.

This year, the Summer II session goes from June 26th until August 2nd, and the classes offered include seminars in business, various aspects of the arts, the social sciences and humanities, as well as various topics in media studies and communications in the 21st century.”