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Enroll in a Film and Television Production Program and Become a Movie Maker

31 DEC 2012
Career Path : Arts and Entertainment

To movie lovers, creating one’s own film is often a dream come true. While some famous filmmakers started off with their parents’ camcorder and taught themselves everything, an arguably faster and more formal way to break into the field is to enroll in a Film & Television Production program.

Film & Television Production programs are designed to teach students everything they need to know about making, producing, and writing films, internet movies, and marketing videos. Instruction is usually full time, and the entire program lasts approximately one year. Ideally, prospective students should look for schools that employ industry veterans with strong reputations as teachers (look for a “bio” or “about” page on a school’s website to see what kind of experience teachers bring to the table). At the end of the program, graduates can begin exciting careers as scriptwriters, filmmakers, producers, music video filmmakers, video marketers, etc, either for established companies, or independently.

Because they are designed to bring students from a base of zero knowledge to a complete understanding of the industry, most Film & Television Production programs cover all the critical areas of film and television, including editing, filmmaking business management, scriptwriting, audio and online video, and movie production. Typical course loads for a program would include the following:

  • Editing
  • Production management
  • Special effects design
  • History of film
  • Distribution and marketing
  • Delivering a “pitch”
  • Scriptwriting
  • Audio for film and video
  • Intro to digital audio
  • Intro to DAWS
  • Intro to audio post design
  • Audio-post workshop
  • Online video
  • Film and television production
  • Producing and directing
  • Cinematography

The comprehensive nature of Film & Television Production programs ensures that graduates will have all the knowledge they need to break into the business after finishing their studies. Furthermore, class instruction is very hands-on, and students have the opportunity to use the industry’s standard software packages, including “Final Cut”, “AVID”, and “After Effects.” Of course, students also have the opportunity to create films and videos using the latest film equipment on a school’s premises, and by the end of a program, graduates are extremely familiar and comfortable with all the tools of the trade. The net result of this all-around training is a graduate who is confident, competent, and ready to hit the ground running in the film industry. So if you love movies, or film, or videos, and you’ve a spectator who has always wanted to be a creator, consider enrolling in a Film & Television Production program. It just may be the career that helps you realize your ambitions.