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Why Enroll in Classical Studies at John Cabot University

10 MAR 2014

A recent John Cabot University blog post reveals some compelling reasons to enroll in Classical Studies – a program some critics say has no relevant applications in today’s modern economy. As an American university in the heart of Rome, John Cabot University offers students fascinated by ancient civilizations and languages an opportunity to study the time period and experience it first hand by visiting local historical landmarks. What could be better than total immersion in the subject of one’s study? But, the blog post, Classical Studies at John Cabot University: An Unexpectedly Profitable Program, recognizes that there are indeed some naysayers when it comes to the value of Classics, and concedes that

 aside from the obvious allure of a year in Europe, you may be questioning just exactly how a Classics degree will prepare you for employment in the modern world. One could evoke that ubiquitous list of employable traits all Arts grads are said to possess, such as critical thinking and strong argumentation – with somewhat obvious links to law, translation or academia. But instead, JCU’s Classical Studies program would like to present some unexpected examples of what that list looks like in action, in today’s diverse economy.

Rather than recounting the traditional applications of Arts degrees, JCU focuses on just how wildly diverse the job opportunities can be for a student who excels in Classics. From literature, art and philosophy, to the detailed examination of Latin and Greek, Classical Studies develops a unique skill set that takes the subjects of this blog from the operating room to the sound stage.