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Enjoy the break: AOLC’s Reading List – Share your favourites!

24 DEC 2013

This week’s blog post on the AOLC blog compiles a reading list of must-read books that any student will enjoy. The beauty of this list is that these books are all well-known classics that will help develop the mind of any student, particularly when on holiday over the Christmas break. For students who want to take it easy over the holidays, a reading list is the perfect way to feel productive while indulging in literature that are well-known classics that will encourage a critical analysis of the way the world is seen. Regardless of the subject students study, anyone should be able to appreciate the beauty of a well told story.

The semester has finally ended and you’ve been looking forward to kicking back and relaxing. Though before you put your feet up, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite books to help you stay on top of your studies and keep your mind sharp. If you’ve been studying in courses such as medical office assistant and would like a change from medical and administrative books, this reading list might be exactly what you need. The beauty of a reading list is that it puts you in touch with both classic and contemporary literature that will change the way that you think, as well as help expand your mind to a reality that is different from your own.

Lastly, many of the books on this list are timeless classics with good reason and have often become the topic of many in-depth conversations when analysing society that any well-rounded student should be able to appreciate.