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Being Part of Our Future: Enrolling in Technology College

19 NOV 2012
Career Path : Engineering Technology

Look around you. Almost every single man-made thing in your immediate vicinity (unless you are sitting in the middle of a forest) is the product of an engineerial or technological feat. From the bicycle tied up outside your building to the plastic thermos that you carry your coffee in when setting out for the day. Not to mention the creation of the building that you live in. Engineers are the people that are tasked with the responsibility of physical manifestations. They turn ideas and theories to live concepts and tangible items. The majority of the items in your surroundings are the result of the work of an engineer, or a related field. Pretty impressive, right?


One of the best things about being responsible for the creation of something is seeing it come to life. Enrolling in an engineering technology program will push you in the right direction, exposing you to the demands of an engineerial career (these schools often offer apprenticeships to provide students with hands-on training). Graduates will benefit from a challenging and ever-changing work environment, while being subjected daily to intellectual development. Graduates also work towards benefiting the majority of society (think about who develops the transportation systems, or designs the factory machinery that supplies us with the products that we use on a daily basis). Best of all, an engineering background opens up the door to other opportunities. After all, consider the examples of Alfred Hitchcock and Neil Armstrong. They both enjoyed the benefits of an engineering education, and they both did quite well in very different fields.


Besides the possibility of one day becoming a full-fledged engineer, students can choose from any of the following concentrations:


– Architectural Technician/Technology

– Civil Engineering Technician/Technology

– Transportation Engineering

– Urban and Regional Planning

– Biotechnology

– Chemical Engineering Technology

– Environmental Technician

– Computer Systems Technician/Technology


These focuses majorly span across four fields, including building and construction, chemical and environment, computer science and information and mechanical and industrial technology. Once students figure out a focus, they can also take their studies a little further by deciding on a specialization. All you have to do is figure out what field is the best suited to you strengths and interests.


Due to the rate at which both society and technologies are evolving, there is an incredible demand for engineerial students. Technology college graduates can look forward to a higher pay grade, a stable employment and the prestige that is associated with an engineerial career. They will also work in an admirable and respectful work environment, while being sufficiently supplied with the right tools to develop their careers accordingly.


If you are both creative and technologically inclined, explore the possibility of pursuing an engineerial career. Evaluate the engineering programs in your area, and see if one is well suited to your personal strengths. In the end, you might very well be surprised at what you’re capable of.


Visit Mohawk College for more information on engineering technology programs.